What is a scorecard?

Scorecards are one of the most effective lead generation tools for service or consultancy led businesses.

They are branded assessments that prospects complete on your website.

Your prospects answer questions and receive personalised reports, whilst providing you with rich data on their challenges.  They are a powerful way to generate higher quality, higher converting leads.

Scorecards are used by all types of businesses, but they work exceptionally well for businesses operating services or consultancy.


Because they enable you to provide your prospects with tailored advice in beautiful reports, demonstrating your value and setting your business apart from the competition.

The data you receive helps you quickly qualify your prospects, speed up the sales process, have engaging sales conversations and generate a continual insight into your market.

The problem with scorecard marketing

Scorecards can be incredibly powerful, but, we’ve seen common challenges when business implement them:

  • They don’t have a strategy for how they are going to use their scorecard as part of their wider sales and marketing mix. 
  • They lack the time or expertise to create engaging reports that truly help their prospects and position their business effectively. 
  • They fail to get their scorecard in front of the right people, resulting in low take up and poor ROI. 

We design and execute fully managed, scorecard driven, marketing campaigns

Drive better-qualified leads than any other channel 
Create an emotional connection with every prospect 
Generate priceless insight to improve conversion