How to Drive Better Qualified Leads at Exhibitions

How to Drive Better Qualified Leads at Exhibitions

As things are starting to get back to normal and open back up again, we’re breathing that collective sigh of relief and relishing the opportunity to have some real, face to face connections again in our professional lives as well as our personal. We’re not out of the woods yet, though! Yes, we can finally get back to the office and yes, we can finally meet with people outside the boundaries of our laptop screen. However, there are some necessary limitations that we still must safely navigate whilst still finding a myriad of creative, fun and effective ways to stay in touch and in relevance to our clients as we come out of the pandemic.

Exhibitions are a valuable way of showcasing your business, meeting new clients, engaging with existing ones and most of all they are a learning opportunity for everyone involved. It’s time to start thinking about how you can get the results you need from them as things start to open up again, particularly as you will likely be faced with some limitations when they do.

What are the challenges?

Booth attendance limitations

  • You’ve got a space at the exhibition, but the attendance will be limited; there won’t be the free-flowing foot traffic you might be used to due to social distancing and increased safety measures. It’s a big hurdle to overcome, given that one of the huge benefits to an expo is the ability to have exposure to a lot of faces in a short time.

Demonstrations and tutorials

  • You perhaps have used an expo as a chance to demo your products and services to prospective clients; It’s a great way to drive foot traffic to your booth and create a buzz about your business, though It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to do this in the usual way for a while. Numbers and space will be imperatively limited, meaning less people in attendance and they won’t be able to physically interact with or touch your products.

Seminars and talks

  • Holding a seminar or having a speaker at an expo is another fantastic marketing resource that will be very difficult to rely on, since the gathering of large groups will be off the cards as well. Even if you do line up speaker slot or talk at the conference, then the distancing in seating arrangements sadly means getting in front of less than half the audience as usual.

Physical limitations

  • PPE and safety measures might put up an unwanted but necessary barrier to your customer interaction. A smile and a handshake is a tough task from behind a mask and a screen! Despite safety measures like regular sanitizing and wiping down, customers will probably be less willing to handle products and demonstrations and more reluctant to take away samples and promo items that you might be offering.

How can we overcome them?

Given the challenges, you need to have creative solutions to help you get the most out of your investment at an exhibition. Scorecard assessments are a powerful tool to use at exhibitions, they give exhibitors a new means to navigate the challenges during COVID. Moreover, they provide the user with quantifiable results that can be used ongoing, it’s not just a way of overcoming the challenges in the current climate, but a tool that can be put to effective use from here on out.

What is assessment-based marketing?

  • Assessment based marketing helps businesses demonstrate their value, generate leads and qualify them in a quick, simple and unobtrusive app. In simple terms, customers take a short, interactive and engaging survey-based assessment. The assessment guides them through answering a series of questions and presents to them a bespoke report based on their answers, giving them tailored advice and solutions to their challenges.

Why use assessments?

  • Assessment marketing enables you to focus what you actually want to achieve. Rather than arbitrary surveys or long conversations with the wrong people, you can cut through to the detail and get some valuable, quantifiable information that you can use.
  • Exhibitions are attended by people who want to learn. They aren’t there to network and likely aren’t ready to buy. Assessment marketing helps to teach people about your business and provides them with a compelling reason to attend your booth, where you control the engagement they will have you and your brand.
  • You can create an exciting and engaging interface for people to interact with, it doesn’t have to be a drab pen-and-paper questionnaire. Using tech multimedia is eye catching and making things fun and interesting for the end user reflects better on your business. Games and prizes should be encouraged rather than frowned upon. Where you might be lacking in the personal touch, this is a great way to make things fun and engaging.
  • Bridge the gap between the conversation on the booth to the follow up process – By providing an immediate personalized report to the attendee, you provide a valuable engagement tool for them to learn more about your company and how you can address their challenges or aspirations.
  • You can gain a higher level of insight into the people that are interacting with your assessment, enabling you to drive higher qualified leads, knowing more about your prospective clients from the outset.
  • It’s easy to do! You can implement and maintain it without fuss, it’s as easy as using an iPad.

Intelligent findings to customise your sales strategy

An exhibition is an opportunity for you to find out what problems you can fix for your clients. Using assessment tools is a fix to the problem of how you are going to find that out. Simply scanning badges at your booth isn’t going to cut it anymore, you need useful, intelligent data that can also give you a sense of empathy and understanding with your clients. You need to be able to quickly understand what matters to them, allowing you to:

  • Generate new leads.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Create an engaging follow up process
  • Gain new partners.
  • Engage with your existing customers.

From here you can customize your sales strategy based on intelligent findings. The insights from the assessment marketing tools used at the expo will help you set specific and quantified KPIs that help you better manage your team. It can really take out the legwork for your business, using automated processes from beginning to end, freeing up more time for you to concentrate on your audience, the expo and customer experience and time to focus on the follow-up and relationship building.

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